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Belly Tearing Issues

Guest xlaw10

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Sorry to ask another question so soon after my last. I'd post this somewhere specific, but I'm not positive which mod I messed up to cause this.


I'm getting significant dragging of the belly anytime my character goes into sexlab animations. It's not pulling inwards, just jutting out consistently from the stomach, even on vanilla races. I'm using Bodyslide 2, XMPS Extended 2, HDT, Dragonfly, and a few sets of skin textures.


Any advice?


Edit: I chose the BBP option in setting up my skeleton, which I assumed was correct. Wrong move? I also just noticed some ankle seams, and implosion of the belly, which I believe was mentioned elsewhere. I've raised the ankle weight without it fixing anything.

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Update: I seem to have fixed everything except the ankle seams. The feet are undersized for the legs.


It's always an issue, but you can't see it clearly until animations are going. I've been searching the forum but haven't seen a clear solution.

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