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[Solved] Issue with Dance Sincro 3.5.1

Guest Shadoxlunik

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Guest Shadoxlunik

Hi everyone , i open this topic because i've some probleme with DS 3.5.1

Infact all work well , even the dance , but after its finished (when i'm tp back to the town if dance hall , but ever without hall its the same) with the 0 num key , all my HUD is hide.

I can open window or console but not use them (cuz  i don't see them but i know they are open cuz with console my game is like "freeze" and when window is open the camera turn slowly) , so i must restart the game for solve that (with task manager cuz i dont see window so i can quit the game with the regular way).

Any fix for that please ?

Edit : Solved (skeleton was missing -_-)

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