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White Distance Terrain


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Without any landscape-changing mods installed, my Skyrim looks like this:






As you may have seen, in the distance my terrain gets all white, which is very annoying.

I already tried to rebuild the skyrim.ini and skyrimprefs.ini via steam, just as I let steam check for missing files, but no change.

Also I tried to load mods like Skyrim Flora Overhaul, but with or without landscape-mods. The distance terrain just stays white.


Because of this I play the Game with SCO - Winter Edition from AceeQ, but this cannot solve this mystery forever, of course.


Anyone may know what causes this problem?

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You sure that's not just snow?




I'm kidding!

It looks like your Game isn't loading the LOD-Textures for some reason. They might be missing, corrupted, some other Mod is messing with them or your Games Memory is so bogged down that the Game simply isnt loading them. You could try download one of the many LOD-Overhauls and see if that fixes your problem.


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