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CTD after talking to whiterun gate guard


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So what's happening is I talk to the gate guard to let me into white run the first time and one of two things happens. Either it crashes within 10 seconds of finishing the conversation or I open the gates to whiterun. When the gates open and I go to loading screen once it loads it shows whiterun for a second or so and then CTD.




Loot Load order


The LOOT Report requires Javascript to be enabled in order to function.
  • Skyrim.esm
    CRC: C665FD56
  • Update.esm
    CRC: 1FDAB215
    C.Location, Delev, Invent, Relev
  • Unofficial Skyrim Patch.esp
    CRC: 45A699F
    Version: 2.0.8
    C.Acoustic, C.Climate, C.Encounter, C.ImageSpace, C.Light, C.Location, C.LTemplate, C.Music, C.Name, C.Owner, C.Water, Delev, Graphics, Invent, Names, Relev, Sound, Stats
  • Dawnguard.esm
    CRC: 7A481404
    C.Location, Delev, Graphics, Invent, Names, Sound
  • Unofficial Dawnguard Patch.esp
    CRC: 978D216D
    Version: 2.0.8
    C.Climate, C.Encounter, C.Location, C.Name, Delev, Graphics, Invent, Names, Sound, Stats
  • HearthFires.esm
    CRC: F4DDC851
    C.Location, Graphics, Invent
  • Unofficial Hearthfire Patch.esp
    CRC: 6D0E4588
    Version: 2.0.8
    C.Climate, C.Location, C.Owner, Graphics, Invent, Names, Sound
  • Dragonborn.esm
    CRC: A46CA360
    C.Location, Graphics, Invent, Names
  • Unofficial Dragonborn Patch.esp
    CRC: 7BD54BF8
    Version: 2.0.8
    C.Climate, C.Encounter, C.Location, C.Music, C.Name, Delev, Graphics, Invent, Names, Sound, Stats
  • Falskaar.esm
    CRC: 7889C5B8
    Version: 1.1.4
  • Wyrmstooth.esp
    CRC: A9C4199A
    Version: 1.14
  • ApachiiHair.esm
    CRC: 783F7167
    Version: 1.4
  • RSkyrimChildren.esm
  • ETaC - RESOURCES.esm
    CRC: FA823B6F
  • RaceCompatibility.esm
    CRC: D0528810
  • Schlongs of Skyrim - Core.esm
    CRC: 22F6680E
    Version: 2.05.021
  • SexLab.esm
    CRC: 93A7E8FE
    Version: 1.59b
  • SexLabAroused.esm
    CRC: B6F3D900
  • SexLab Attraction.esm
    CRC: 208B185
  • mannyBlackRock.esm
    CRC: 4BD7B551
  • ZaZAnimationPack.esm
    CRC: 9B5CB3A6
  • moonpath.esm
    CRC: 1F723091
  • Cutting Room Floor.esp
    CRC: 6C724123
    Version: 1.1
    C.Climate, C.Location, C.Owner, Delev, Invent, Names, Stats
  • Beards.esp
    CRC: 85B4CEFA
    Version: 28363
  • UFO - Dawnguard AddOn.esp
    CRC: 6F9D1F37
  • Dovahkiin Mercenary Armor and Weapons CBBE.esp
    CRC: C376FC4
  • AMatterOfTime.esp
    CRC: 512CD10C
    Version: 2.00
  • BarenziahQuestMarkers.esp
    CRC: 9B51E375
  • NobleFemaleClothes.esp
    CRC: B9DD2213
  • EnhancedLightsandFX.esp
    CRC: 2F172642
  • Brows.esp
    CRC: AC68717A
    Version: 30411
  • Better Dynamic Snow.esp
    CRC: 1A5860EB
    Version: 2.4
  • ProperWeaponScale.esp
    CRC: 51FC22F6
  • Character Creation Overhaul.esp
    CRC: 7642B9EA
  • CCO - Diverse Races And Genders.esp
    CRC: 95609FCF
  • CCO - Dynamic Skill Progression.esp
    CRC: 11A2B7FD
  • ETaC - Complete.esp
    CRC: 75919E9F
    • Note: It is recommended to also install the 3DNPC patch for Expanded Towns and Cities.
  • UFO - Dragonborn AddOn.esp
    CRC: 819B9DE8
  • Horsemen Combat Enhancement.esp
    CRC: 8696BFAD
  • SkyUI.esp
    CRC: 9330CAF7
    Version: 4.1
  • FNISSexyMove.esp
    CRC: 1DF80E6F
  • Convenient Horses.esp
    CRC: A2C92D5C
    Version: 14950
    • Note: Do not clean. "Dirty" edits are intentional and required for the mod to function.
  • SOS - VectorPlexus Regular Addon.esp
    CRC: CD2E3484
  • MoreNastyCritters.esp
    CRC: EF46B1A9
  • Guard Dialogue Overhaul.esp
    • Note: Do not clean. "Dirty" edits are intentional and required for the mod to function.
  • ETaC - Better Dynamic Snow Patch.esp
    CRC: 1E40FCC8
  • FasterHorses_Sprint_x1_5.esp
    CRC: 58F9E1ED
  • Daedric Extra Armor.esp
    CRC: 8DDD039
  • Sovngarde Steel Armor and Weapons.esp
    CRC: B84EB4CE
  • RealisticWaterTwo - Waves - Falskaar.esp
    CRC: B1462A53
  • LeftHandRings - Dawnguard.esp
    CRC: A1D76ED0
    Version: 1.4
  • LeftHandRings.esp
    CRC: D4E274C6
    Version: 1.4
  • SexLab Aroused Creatures.esp
    CRC: 32ED0E73
  • RSChildren_PlayableOverride.esp
    CRC: B483B71F
    Version: 1.1.0
  • CCO - Oblivion Carry Weights.esp
    CRC: 3914E81E
  • RaceMenu.esp
    CRC: 2765B7D0
  • RaceMenuPluginXPMSE.esp
    CRC: DE73B5FA
  • RaceMenuPlugin.esp
    CRC: 8A8A009F
    • Note: RaceMenuPlugin is optional and provides support to alter Height, Breast, Glute and Biceps. If you experience issues with it, disable RaceMenuPlugin.esp and inform the author.
  • Weapons & Armor Fixes_Remade.esp
    CRC: D5D8C715
    Version: 5.0
    Delev, Names, Relev, Stats
  • dD - Realistic Ragdoll Force - Realistic.esp
    CRC: 910FBBF3
    • Note: Ragdolls will conflict with other mods that change the skeleton.nif. Check Custom Skeleton Replacers for compatibly with other skeleton.nif.
  • SOSRaceMenu.esp
    CRC: 477B7BAA
  • SexLab Cumshot.esp
    CRC: 35B56C4
    Version: 1.6
  • SexLabNudeCreatures.esp
    CRC: A611FB32
  • SexLabNudeCreaturesDG.esp
    CRC: AE388E32
  • TheEyesOfBeauty.esp
    CRC: FC447339
    Version: 9
  • SexLab TDF Aggressive Prostitution.esp
    CRC: D81C82E1
  • The Ningheim.esp
    CRC: 68AD1182
  • SexLabNudeCreaturesDB.esp
    CRC: 547917B0
  • SexLabWerewolves.esp
    CRC: 3C79ECB1
  • Unique Region Names.esp
    CRC: F319894E
  • CollegeOfWinterholdImmersive.esp
    CRC: E691A93
  • SkyRe_Main.esp
    CRC: 71A52835
    Version: USKRP2.5.2
    Delev, Relev
    • Note: If lockpicking is not work then try to delete 'interface\lockpickingmenu.swf'.
    • Note: If you have a problem with aiming try to install this mod.
    • Note: To make aiming easier add the following lines to Skyrim.ini:
    • Note: [Actor]
    • Note: fVisibleNavmeshMoveDist=12288.0000
    • Note: [Combat]
    • Note: f1PArrowTiltUpAngle=0.64
    • Note: f3PArrowTiltUpAngle=0.64
    • Note: fMagnetismStrafeHeadingMult=0.0
    • Note: fMagnetismLookingMult=0.0
  • ETaC - Dragon Bridge South.esp
    CRC: 61C50D1
  • 3DNPC.esp
    CRC: DF187B46
    Version: 3.08
  • FCO - Follower Commentary Overhaul.esp
    CRC: EBD99340
  • RealisticWaterTwo.esp
    CRC: 3369B96E
    Version: 1.11
  • RealisticWaterTwo - Falskaar.esp
    CRC: 75DC582B
  • TanningSmeltingExp.esp
    CRC: B92133F6
  • UnreadBooksGlow.esp
    CRC: CAAC2A07
    Version: 2.2.0
  • WARZONES - Civil Unrest.esp
    CRC: 5766A466
    • Note: Obsolete. Update to latest version.
  • Complete Crafting Overhaul_Remade.esp
    CRC: A4E43BB4
    Version: 1.5
    Delev, Names, Relev, Stats
  • Book Covers Skyrim.esp
    CRC: 5D427F26
  • ReadAndLearnSpeechcraft.esp
    CRC: 89856215
  • RealisticNeedsandDiseases.esp
    CRC: B74B21DA
    Delev, Relev
  • ImprovedFishBASIC.esp
    CRC: E7C6B8D3
  • 83Willows_101BUGS_V4_HighRes.esp
    CRC: 70139025
    Version: 4.1
  • RND_USKP-Patch.esp
    CRC: FE81BA78
  • DeadlyDragons.esp
    CRC: E8F826EA
    Delev, Relev
  • Skyrim Immersive Creatures.esp
    CRC: F68C9890
    Version: v6.5.2a
    Delev, Relev
  • ELFXEnhancer.esp
    CRC: 31D9D865
  • Pureweather.esp
    CRC: C81D5109
  • RealisticWaterTwo - Wyrmstooth.esp
    CRC: 38B28565
  • RealShelter.esp
    CRC: 7B267E66
  • RealShelter_ETAC13.esp
    Version: 1.3+
  • Undeath.esp
    CRC: 13173CB1
  • MoreBanditCamps.esp
    CRC: F631A3BE
  • OBIS.esp
    CRC: 9D66686E
    Delev, Relev
  • OBISDB.esp
    CRC: F6A876B9
    Delev, Relev
  • OBISDB-FaceMasksFix.esp
    CRC: 8873CEB
  • Birdsofskyrim.esp
    CRC: 37A5E020
  • ESFCompanions.esp
    CRC: CF7C7A14
    Version: 0.3.7
  • RSPatch.esp
    CRC: 31F20205
  • WAFR Pre ReProccer Patch.esp
    CRC: BD27C596
  • Immersive Weapons.esp
    CRC: E41D31D
    Delev, Relev
  • Schlongs of Skyrim.esp
    CRC: D670C28D
    Version: 2.05.034
  • SkyRe_EnemyScaling.esp
    CRC: 59E42F4E
  • Skyrim Immersive Creatures - DLC2.esp
    CRC: 37A6F2FA
    Version: v6.5.2a
    Delev, Relev
  • Immersive Whiterun.esp
    CRC: B3BB7D3A
  • Immersive Solstheim.esp
    CRC: B202DDFF
  • SkyRe_EncounterZones.esp
    CRC: 5FE59C55
  • CornerofTheSkyrim.esp
    CRC: 901A6636
  • SexLab_DibellaCult.esp
    CRC: 1F41850D
  • ArcheryDummyXP.esp
    CRC: D903EA41
  • Better Vampires.esp
    CRC: C34D6885
    • Note: Contains dirty edits: Do not clean. "Dirty" edits are intentional and required for the mod to function.
  • HentaiCreatures.esp
    CRC: CF2710F0
  • EMCompViljaSkyrim.esp
    CRC: 4B1D56F7
  • RSChildren - Complete.esp
    CRC: 23B038FE
  • RSChildren_PatchUSKP.esp
    CRC: 509B3972
  • SkyrimsUniqueTreasures.esp
  • RealisticWaterTwo - Legendary.esp
    CRC: D53F3ABC
  • RND_Dawnguard-Patch.esp
    CRC: A554A56D
  • Cloaks.esp
    CRC: 2D16EDED
  • UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul.esp
    CRC: 4CEB4A5B
    Version: 1.2i
    • Note: For safe install need dismiss all your followers, save, delete all included mods, load again, save and install UFO. For safe uninstall or update see special instructions on mod page.
  • UFO - Heartfire AddOn.esp
    CRC: D34DD9EC
  • CWINPCApachiiSkyHair.esp
    CRC: 8D0DC0BF
  • BetterNordicRuins.esp
    CRC: BC773B58
  • Inigo.esp
    CRC: 37902559
  • Immersive Orc Strongholds.esp
  • SMIM-Merged-All.esp
    CRC: 46D0D2C0
  • buildablehouse.esp
    CRC: 5D3B3CD1
  • RND_Dragonborn-Patch.esp
    CRC: 72A698CB
  • SkyRe_SIC Crossbowfix.esp
    CRC: A8A552E
    Version: v6.1.2
    Delev, Relev
  • WeaponsArmorFixes_ImmersiveWeapons_Patch.esp
    CRC: 899C98D6
  • aMidianborn_Skyforge_Weapons.esp
    CRC: 4B3CBB77
  • RaceCompatibilityUSKPOverride.esp
    CRC: 67F00C2F
  • WeaponsArmorFixes_ambSkyforge_Patch.esp
  • moonpath_questdata.esp
    CRC: 40B15C70
  • Atlas Legendary.esp
    CRC: 6CB3897
    Version: 1.0
  • DBaddmembers.esp
    CRC: 665037B0
  • RealisticWaterTwo - Waves.esp
    CRC: 3B4FFDF9
  • Immersive Patrols II.esp
    CRC: 9A64E3F9
  • SFO - Dragonborn.esp
    CRC: C9DB0844
  • ETaC - Complete CRF Patch.esp
    CRC: D8865206
  • AnIdealSkyforge.esp
    CRC: A03AD9BD
  • Dr_Bandolier.esp
    CRC: E3FB152B
  • WinterholdDecay.esp
    CRC: 56132AAD
  • Tame Beast.esp
    CRC: 80AC00FD
  • CWIDawnDragonPatch.esp
    CRC: 7A31B350
  • CCO - Permanent Birthsigns.esp
    CRC: BD66217D
  • Skyrim Flora Overhaul.esp
    CRC: 4FBD93D
  • SkyRe_StandingStones.esp
    CRC: C4AE5A5E
  • Chesko_Frostfall.esp
    CRC: E3704311
  • RND_HearthFires-Patch.esp
    CRC: E3E62E4
  • SkyRe_Races.esp
    CRC: B478A9C7
  • RealisticWaterTwo - Waves - Wyrmstooth.esp
  • Bandit Patrols.esp
    CRC: 24F8B6CA
  • SofiaFollower.esp
    CRC: 115E875A
  • SkyRe_EnemyAI.esp
    CRC: ECE362AB
  • atmosphereicriverwoodolddistrict.esp
    CRC: F3C4D503
  • ELFX - Moonpath.esp
    CRC: 1A26536E
  • JBS_banking_redux.esp
    CRC: 492DE526
  • SOS - Shop.esp
  • BYOH-Bridge.esp
    CRC: 787D65CF
  • FNISspells.esp
    CRC: 4F3339DE
  • SexLabDefeat.esp
    CRC: 6AFB0826
  • BG001.esp
    CRC: 46A9FE62
  • ESFAela.esp
    CRC: 183F036D
    Version: 0.4.7
  • SkyRe_Survivalism.esp
    CRC: 985C37C9
  • The Ningheim - Followers.esp
    CRC: B02683ED
  • RealisticWaterTwo - Waves - Dawnguard.esp
    CRC: E4D4E092
  • SRIlta.esp
    CRC: 56F3D8B9
  • SRIsaka.esp
    CRC: 8FD178D9
  • OrsiniumMod.esp
    CRC: CDDB8A49
  • SRKirsikka.esp
    CRC: 910E9913
  • SRMaisa.esp
    CRC: FA12D80F
  • SRSarasta.esp
    CRC: C62BE6BF
  • portal2mod.esp
    CRC: 6FE81988
  • SkyRe_Combat.esp
    CRC: AB194ADB
  • Apocalypse - The Spell Package.esp
    CRC: A8C2E40A
  • SexLabDangerousNights.esp
    CRC: D519A137
  • ETaC - Complete Atlas Patch.esp
    CRC: B8D4C553
  • ReProccer.esp
    CRC: 86A32572
  • Bashed Patch, 0.esp
    CRC: 9A13AF82
    Version: 404
Any help is appreciated


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Well you are getting returns on SoS about having nothing aviable for NPC's. That seems odd but maybe it is suppose to do that. You also have a widget error but don't see how that would matter.


Have you tried disabling immersive Whiterun and then trying to enter?


Since it only happens in whiterun then something is happening there and that seems the most likely cause.

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Your Real Shelter patches are completely out of the place in your load order. As explained in the download page, LOOT does not yet have exceptions for them. These files should load last, only ReProccer file getting loaded after them.


Your current load order will contribute to instability of your game. You must either move Real Shelter files down in the Load Order always after running LOOT, or you can make exceptions in LOOT for them - as I have done.


This is how the end of your load order should look like:

Pre ReProccer <mods> Patch.esp

(Post ReProccer <mods> Patch.esp)

Bashed Patch, 0.esp

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