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Ive seen a lot of screenshots of characters with tattoos.  Now that I am playing as a Dibellian Defender, I want my character to look as sexy as possible, and I want to add some more sexy tattoos, especially since theres so few tattoos to use in Dibellian Defender.  Can anyone link me to some good tattoo mods?

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You gotta use Photoshop or GIMP with a .dds plugin that lets you edit body textures. Then you have to place the tattoo onto the skin of the body. But you have to use it on a custom race or else everyone will have that tattoo.
Kind of complicated, but there are detailed guides out there.

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You can also look at Slavetats here on LL.

http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/619-slavetats/and http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1272-racemenu-overlay-repacks-for-slavetats/


You will need to make sure the tattoo set you use is for the body type you use.

In other words....

Only USE CBBE sets for CBBE body Types (CBBE and Manga)

And use UNP tattoo sets for UNP Body types (UNP, UNPB, Sevenbase, Top Model, etc)


You can look in the Models and textures section of Nexus for sets that work as Racemenu Overlays.



Again use CBBE set for CBBE and UNP sets for UNP or things might be off center (mainly around the nipples, belly button, and so forth).

You will need Racemenu to work with the overlays, and I do believe you need it for slavetats as well (can't remember).


In the Racemenu Overlays you can change the color but it changes the color of the entire tattoo.

In stavetats the overlays can have predefined color sets (multiple colors in a tattoo without causing problems), and you can change the color in Slavetats as well (but again it changes the color of the entire tattoo).


Oh there is also a tribal tattoo overlay set here on LL as well. I'll let you search for that one though....

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