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mods uploaded to nexus?


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will these mods be uploaded to nexus? I really like nexus because its easy and clear. also I use the mod manager from it, where most people mods are able to be very easily installed (instead of manually installing them)


now i am awear of the level of tension between LL and nexus, so I just wanted to ask if you guys will upload your stuff to it



have a nice day


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Only the author of the mod can decide where (s)he will upload the mods , so the question isn't a matter of tension between 2sites (if there are ever been any~)


And for the installation of mods not made for nmm it goes even faster than with the manager if you know how to do it (7zip->wrye)

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The reason Lovers Lab exists is because the vast majority of the mods that the modders here made got them banned from Nexus. For instance Lovers Raper. This was one of the more popular mods along with other rape mods for Oblivion and these mods and similar are already being planned and developed for Skyrim.


Why would these modders upload them to Nexus when Nexus will just remove the mods then ban the modder? It's a waste of time.

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