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Beginner to skyrim modding need advice


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I'm trying to get into making some simple modding alterations to my skyrim, which if they work well I could package into a mod, but I'm still a beginner to using Creation Kit (I do understand I will need papyrus too which I've been reading up on). 


My issue is I'm trying to create a mod where when an npc equips a necklace, it spawns a new npc that follows it around. Either that have an npc be the target of a spell, that then spawns an npc to follow it around.


Where I'm stuck is the general gist of the moving parts I need to connect. E.g. a magic effect + spell, then a summoned npc + package. Whichever way I Imagine achieving my task it doesn't seem to get me anywhere and I would very much appreciate a couple words of advice if anyone has the time. 



Edit- didn't see that this section was guides & resources only, can a mod please move this to wherever this would be appropriate. 

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