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Skyrim Data File empty!!HELP!


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After I install Fallout NV mods, include the things that like MO or NMM, I can't remember its name but it's for Fallout. It seems necessary for some mods. And after that my Skyrim data file become empty all the things vanished include Skyrim.esm & Update.esm . When I install mods through NMM , it told me it's active. I've reinstalled the game a couples of time but useless. What I only found in TES V Skyrim/Data folder is that all main file icon become the radiate things from the mod installer for Fallout NV, anyone could help me??

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Well, maybe I should write more detail?? What I mean TES V Skyrim just the game's name, sorry if that make a mistake to ya. I should use - instead of / I'm lazy to type all name of the folders.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data

You mean this, don't ya?:|

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Okay, my mistake then. Apologizes.


So what I'm getting is, you installed Fallout New Vegas from Steam, and then all the sudden your Skyrim files (which are also installed via Steam), are now using the Fallout icons? If that is the case, it is just the Fallout Mod Manager defaulting them. That won't matter.


Now if your Skyrim files are non-existant completely from the Skyrim folder, then that is a problem.


I think a bit more explanation or more detail as to what you mean would help more. Cause it's kind of hard to understand what the problem is exactly. In the first part, you're saying you installed FNV, and all your Skyrim files disappeared. But then you say all your Skyrim files are now using the FNV icons. It is rather confusing.

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if you have C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data and inside them files are skryrim.esm update.esm etc...

then you have a legal copy

if your using Mod Organizer and you have a legal copy and everytime u install a skyrim mod and it goes into your FNV folder then 

1: you shouldnt be using MO this early into modding

2: go into the Mod Organizer folder, double click nxmhandler.exe (nxmhandler)  then Simply Select Skyrim and in the binary you copy/paste C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Skyrim\TESV.exe or TESV shouldn't matter.


3: if that dont work then your copy is pirated and probably can't receive any support what so ever.




if your icons are fallout its simply fine it happens for me.

-.- people and there lack of descriptions..

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I'm sorry for the lack of descriptions:[ Cause' English isn't my main language... If my grammar or anything is weird, please accept my apologize:[

What I try to explain is uh...

First I do have Skyrim.esm Update.esm Dawnguard.esm etc...

But it used to have nothing but a white paper icon become the radiate icon like FOMM's icon, I thought it was because of that cause' it changed to that icon after I execute FOMM.

And after I go to Skyrim Launcher, checking Data File, it should display all kind of shit I installed include Skyrim.esm Update.esm...But!!

Well, all of them just vanished!!

So I go to NMM(Yeah I'm using NMM I heard others saying that using MO instead of NMM, why?:s) I do click on every mods I want to install, but some of them pop out a message saying something failed or some kind of error, but click on it again then it told me it's activate, like the normal. After that I click on the PLUG IN tab, the strange thing happened, the little square should have a v inside it, but it's not v(Should I say the cross?) So I just activate all of them, went to launcher and checked, still empty in the Data file?? And I use LOOT to manage the load order, but it do have all the mods I installed, I mean it do detect the mods, but when go to the game via SKSE in the prologue(when U are on that fucking prisoner cart, gonna to be chopped off, I copy my previous save game cause I afraid it will ruin my game save so I start a new game) I hit the pause, but the SkyUI seems not appear in the SYSTEM tab, but it still have that SKSE 1.7 in the bottom. Non of the mod is activate in my game.WTF!

It used be good but messed up after I MOD my Fallout NV, not DOWNLOAD Fallout NV, I thought it must be caused by after I mod my Fallout NV cause' it used to work fine with Fallout NV non modded.

One last thing before my Skyrim fucked up, I found that sometimes my mod in the SkyUI cannot be open, when I clicked it, nothing happen, I install about 40 mods... BTW, my scripts seems slow because when I feed on npc(I'm using Better Vampire) it always take a long time to do it

Thanks for your patient to read all of these! :D

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