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Vindictus problem


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Well its not actually related to any vindictus mods or skyrim the problem is i cannot login at all. Since VindictusEU OBT launched i cannot login at all (i never got accepted in CBT so i dont know if i would be able to login then either) the massage i gget is "Game is under maintenance please check main site for more info" The crappiest part is that i get this massage for more than half a year i sent many tickets to nexoneu support .. 90% of them returned with the answer "Please redownload client"... The wierdest part is that im form Bulgaria SUPPORTED COUNTRY by nexonEU vindictus .... i asked 1 person who lives in different town in my country and he can play ... my only hopes are that they actually do something .. or someone from here tell me how to fix it ... i also cannot login in their site either.. i get massage saying "Disconnected" immideantly after i press login


Im really sorry for posting here but my last hope is here :s

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So you did you try to uninstall the game and redownload the client? Since that is what they tell you, that's what you should try. If that fails you can try to make a new account.

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It could be your IP and your IP could be restricted for some odd reason. Also any third party programs could cause this, or any proxy-type program you could have. You should try signing in on their main site, if your account doesn't work then I'd recommend making a new one and asking on the forums on nexonEU technical support. Also, you SHOULD try to proxy and see if you can sign in, if you can then its quite simple that your IP is blocked. Since I don't play anymore, and I played in the US you should try signing in via the .exe and the mainsite.

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This happened to me on the American servers a few years back... on a different game, mind you, but by the same company.

I was too lazy to fix it myself, but most likely it's an IP problem on your end of the field. I really don't know how to fix it, I just didn't want to leave you hanging without some kind of answer (I hate it when my questions go unanswered).


It seems this is a problem that happends quite a lot aswell.

You could try changing your browsers when opening your game (or does it not use the website as a launcher anymore?).

You could try running it directly from the .exe file.

Maybe there's a file in the Vindictus folder you could tweak around with? Sort of like a WoW realm list?

You could try editing your firewall preferences.

Please note, all of these are just run-of-the-mill guesses, I have no idea if they'll work at all. Think of me as a Best Buy customer help center; don't have too much faith in anything I say.

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I tried form exe ... i cant enter site for some wierd shitty reason... i gget disconnected instantly .. i didnt have any problem before the CBT of vindictus EU ... so loging in in forums is impossible as elephant flying with its ears



I dont know if direct cable internet in my Laptop or wifi trough router is the problem .. my IP shoulnd be banned begause im in country which is supported and never before played nexoneu games.


Exe file doesnt work either it says under maintenance when i start trough site with bug (somehow i manage to evade the popup but instantly after that i get DC) i get some sort of gribbelish error .. i really dont know what to do ... i sent ticket few days ago and they said that the developers are STILL checking my problem ... seriosly ? 6 months ? ...


Im starting to lose hope ..

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