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After messing around with RaceMenu scripts and testing Overlay textures I noticed that the game On Call refreshes the textures. This can be observed by either switching a texture of an armor then equiping/dequiping it to get the new texture or as in the example of RaceMenu, when the menu activates it calls the textures again and they will change.


So what of it?


This gave me the idea that it should be possible to make modular textures that are called by script. I can see two ways of doing this:


1. Attaching the script to an object (say a ring) and have the OnEquip function call the texture to replace, and OnUnequip function to call the original texture.


2. Attaching the script to a MCM menu toggle function and have the toggle call the textures OnToggle status. This for my purposes would be optimal.


So whats the issue?


I can't figure out what the string to call the textures is. I've been combing the CreationKit wiki and many forums but I cant seem to find anything. I've been messing around with creating a base Toggle MCM menu but I'm not sure how to attach a String to the toggle.


Any help would be appreciated!

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