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Follower Control


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So I'm looking for a mod where I can dismiss a follower and have them continue to use a specific item, like a cooking pot, forge, etc. It's easy enough to get them to use the object using follower action however as soon as you dismiss them they just walk away.


Using AFT its possible to dismiss them and hang around this area, dismiss and maintain a pose, however if you dismiss/pose while they're using an object they'll just stop using it and assume a neutral pose.


Wondering if anyone uses EFF and maybe its relax function can achieve this, or if there's any mod specifically for this.

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I can use AFT to make follower, tell them to use an interactive object, use Displaymodel to bind will, then Dismiss and hang out here, and they'll maintain that action for as long as I'm in the house, however once I leave house and reenter they reset and are just standing still in front of object.


Any tricks I'm missing?

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