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need help, with skyrim.


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Ummm you mean after you load your save game or before reaching the main menu ?


either way check that the main esp's are active and check that no mod is missing a master file, after that check and see if there are conflicting mods, this can be done easily if you're using Mod Organizer  or manually by trial and error method.

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1. Have you tried to use LOOT to sort your load order?

2. The black screen occur before you get to Skyrim menu or after you select Continue or Load save game?

  • If before menu, you may have problem with some SKSE plugins.  You may try to disable all SKSE plugins.
  • If after select any save, you may try to use SKSE feature that can prevent some infinite load screen by add following line in you SKSE.ini
  • X is memory block 1 (Default 512, you may expand it to 768, 1024, ...), Y is memory block 2 (Default 256, you may expand it to 512, ...)



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