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better way to get your sonic characters for skyrim


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ok i here how everyone has been struggling to make mods off your favorite people and shows so i might as well give you the easiest way ok so heres the smartest way to get what you want instead of making models and such and always making your characters look crappy heres the easiest way ive done this with my porn games artifical girl 3 and artifical academy basically since sonic are based off of furry characters just use khajits to make amy and rouge and sonic and so on all you would need to do is put pink everywhere as the fur and then the ears and make the hair shorter as do the same for the tail add a pale belly with pale naked boobs and lastly leave the pale part in there ears and make the eyes green thats it its that simple and for rouge all you would need to do is put bat wings on a nords back give it a furry type face just like rouges and add bat ears and her eye color and finally big boobs and if you want sonic do the same steps as amy except give the male khajit blue fur and spikey hair im also hoping for the sexy female crossgender of sonic and im not looking to make them as a race i would really much prefer them to be companions besides i always wanted rouge as a sex slave or amy since i have the mind control mod already install your welcome for the easiest way to do this if you have any questions on how to make your characters off your show with old races on skyrim or want pictures to see the examples just comment below 

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