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Glitchy Voices? Make them silent?

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More so a question than anything else. I'm not sure why, but whenever the moaning sounds emit, the voices seem to distort. I've tried fix it for a while but to no avail. So I was wondering, has anyone else experienced this and or do they know how to atleast make the voices silent? I'd rather save my ears haha.

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I can only give a general advice that you can try. Go into control panel, and in playback double click (or go to properties) your primary audio device. In advanced, try changing default format to 16 bit, 44100 kz. If it was there already, then try 16 bit and 48 000 hz. Probably won't help in your case as it's sexlab specific, but solves many audio problems in other games.


There is also volume option in the Sexlab's MCM. If the moaning sounds are LOUD (compared to game sounds) and get distorted, you could try to lower the volume. But this kind of digital distortion shouldn't really happen, but.. worth a try.


Oops, thought I was replying to problem with Skyrim, not Oblivion.

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