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tesV edit question


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Hi folks i have a question that Bothers me for a long time now.

I have many followers like Poet for example that are having set clothes and are nevernude or dont equip clothes that you give them.I have heard that its possible somehow to change that in the creation kit and change her to nude so she can equip other clothes but i wasnt able to Figure out how this works, I read that i have to change it trough The body type like cbbe because modders include the never nude option in the bodytype but i wasnt able to find an way of doing this.

If you guys could give me an advice it would be highly appreciated.

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This might not be what you need but I'll share it anyway - open the console (tilde key) and click on your NPC - type in 'showinventory' (no quotes) and scroll trhough their inventory for their clothes. Note the item ID codes and then use 'removeitem <ID>' for each item you want removed.

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