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[Request] Male head mesh with female neck or help with morphs


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I'm trying to make a trap body replacer for males, but I've encountered an obstacle: the head.


My gameplan is to replace the male body mesh with a flat-chested[1] female body mesh, and have Schlongs of Skyrim insert the light of culture and reason



  • The vanilla male head has a neck like a redwood, and doesn't match up with female bodies
  • Female heads don't match up with male head morphs, and look like they've been attacked by a hatchet murderer and then taxidermied by a cubist
  • I can't figure out how to make males use female morphs. (or at least, I can't figure out how to make them do it right)
Can someone help me figure out how to solve at least one of these problems?




[1]: Not one of those fake "oh, it's only an B-cup" things, I mean actually flat.

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