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ECE Follower issue

Kaos Wulf

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I've been using this guide to make a new follower mod. It gave me everything I needed to make my first one, but now I'm running into a wall with trying to make a follower that was made from ECE. I've put everything together from meshes to texture sets and all that jazz, but the problem lies in the custom headparts. My collaborator has sent me all the stuff needed for this to work, but when I load up the femalehead.nif I get this error:


TEXTURES: BASE meshes\actors\character\*followername*\femalehead.nif : FemaleHead is missing a facegen tint map/detail map


Loading it up anyway just causes the CK to crash when I try to preview the head or when I try to export facegen data. Without the .nif in the headparts, I get a hair mesh surrounding teeth and nothing else. This is the only remaining step I need to wrap the mod up and do some play testing. Any help would be much appreciated.

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CK is really unstable, especially when it's trying to preview stuff. Check out this tool to get ECE made faces to work propperly.




This certainly looks like it will do the trick but I'm unsure on how to use it. Would I need to use BASopt to get the vanilla femalehead.nif, then use Nifmerge to copy its values to my ECE femalehead.nif or am I wrong?

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nope, just use the head you exported from creation kit, and the one you exported from the game using the Chargen Extension. Here's an more extended guide on how to use it: http://wiki.tesnexus.com/index.php/Using_a_face_made_with_Chargen_Extension_on_an_NPC_for_Skyrim


The problem with this is that I can't export the face. There's no option for it when using ECE with Chargen Extension unless I was also using RM, but then she wouldn't show up with the correct face geom. I tried the method of loading ece/cme in the CK with the follower as the active mod then chargen tab>resetall>nosetype 32 but this still requires me to use meshes that refuse to show up. There's got to be something I'm completely overlooking.

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