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Simple questions, need simple answers. Help, NPCs look "wrong" .


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Ok as i said i only need simple answers. I've searched high and low and all i can find is tutorials for creating your own meshes and textures with other programs.


------My Problem----


Im using the UNPetite body for all my npc races.  meaning i chnged all the Nif files in the femal folder located in


Skyrim\Data\Meshes\actors\character\character assets




Im using the dimionized UNP skin.  Those files i put in the folder






Now this works mostly. 90% of the females look fine and normal. but some have wierd issues.

some have white spots all over thier skin like a submask is too large, some races have grey face

But generally they all look okish.


My question is which folders do i need to change everything to match in besides the ones i mentioned? In order to make all the females in my game look "right"


Other mods i'm using that may have an influance on on, or add npcs to my game.


- grooveams XPSE32 skeleton (for the females)

- ETAC full (expanded towns and cities adds npcs)

- intresting npcs   (adds npcs)

- imconciquential npcs (adds npcs)

- rcots children (which don't change any standard npcs for some reason but i really don't care)

- Apachii hair for npcs (both male and female.)


I'm pretty sure its the apachii hair cousing some of the issues like the greyfaces on some people.

but im still unsure whats causeing the wierdness of a few of the other npcs. Really what im looking for here, is just a list of folders that need to have all the files changed to match my textures and mesh for all npcs. Thanks


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