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Making a transformation spell ?

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Greetings :)


I wanted to make a transformation spell out of Astetu from Spectraverse mod.


It shouldn't be so hard, as the textures and everything is there, i believe it would require some scripting.


Is there any tutorial for making transformation spells ? would really appreciate it :D


thanks !

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Ummm now that you mention it, i did notice that when i check on werewolf transformation, this actually might workout !, hopefully i don't get all werewolfies to be able to transform into Astetu though xD...wait...that might be fun to watch too o.o


Werewolf quest is this :




; normal wolfing around <---- oh beth lol




; timer almost out


; back to non-beast form



So now i will have to create similar quests that link to the texture i want to transform to right ?

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