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Same outfit, two different body types?


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I was wondering  if i possible to have devious devices for cbbe installed. While at the same time have the same installed for a unp body?


I have my character who uses cbbe, and a unp follower. I dont like it when I apply a devious device for cbbe to a unp body it changes the body type until i remove the item from the follower.


Is this possible? If so any help would be great!


Thanks all.

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Technically it is possible but in your case or most cases it isn't within range of being probable. The easier method is change your followers body to your body so you will see no change unless you like the female body then you'll have to deal with it.


Because any armor that occupies the body slot needs to have an imported body with it in your case CBBE but if there was a way to make it work you might have to create a script that some how does a check for the body type or actor whom recieves devices plus a new record for the device that occupy's the body slot for unp versions.


But that is just the idea I have no idea how you could actually get it to work plus I know nothing really of scripting so don't exactly take my word for it but for the most part no you wont be able too.

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