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[SUGGESTION] Torn/Ripped Outfits for movie scenes


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Anybody here watch stuff like dryuya's Potema Chronicles? Very good stuff, but there's always been one thing about it that's irked me: The girls getting banged are ALWAYS nude (not including boots, gauntlets, headgear, etc.)


While this makes sense for some scenes (i.e. consensual sex scenes, prison rape), it makes a bit less sense during bandit rape scenes or animal sex. Seriously, a wolf takes the time to rip all of the girl's clothing off before mounting her?


Unfortunately, part of this is due to the limitations of what those modders have to work with. There presently just aren't versions of outfits that look like they've been ripped to shreds or armors that have been broken open to reveal the woman's tits. To me, torn clothing and broken armor is quite a turn-on.


That's where this comes in. I am not a modder myself (I'm kinda retired from Skyrim ATM), but I'd like to propose this idea for outfit-makers and modders out there: Make some modified versions of particular outfits (i.e. Wench, Farm Clothes, etc.) that look like they're torn up. Following a "shift to black" moment in a movie, the rape victim would be switched from a regular outfit to a shredded one (since the animation tech can't actually show clothes-rippings :().


Hopefully it'd just be a texture job, but if it involves model work then it could take longer. Anybody want to contribute or discuss the idea?

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