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New to Lovers Lab, wanting help with character type


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Going to be updating my PC soon to play Skyrim PC, that being said I've been wanting to make a 'Woman of the Wilds'

style character while still allowing me to go into towns if needed without everyone trying to kill me.

Basicly looking for mods centered around survival with maybe a bit of willing nookie with a hunter or two as warrented



Survival feel with needing to eat, bathe, so on

due to 'woman of the wilds' vibe talking a way to survive with as little armor as possible, something like a couple belts around her waist

and on back to allow for one and two handed weapons/bow and arrows.

One of the better taming creature mods

a mount worthy of this wild woman

along with one of the sex mods here, preferably with just straight and lesbian poses, MCM menu or the like to choose how common in world

would be best.

Very long hair

untrimmed pubes

body textures that work with the CNHF body


I know I'm asking a lot but you all seem to know your stuff  XD


Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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