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Help: NPC Facegen to Geck

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Mmmh it's not only the eyes, from the pictures it seems the chin and the jaw too... my sight's not the best and the photo could trick too, but it really seems a different npc to me...

I guess you imported the facegen in a custom race, but then when you created the npc did you click on "Reset" button, to but all the values to flat?

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Guest carywinton

From what I have been experiencing using SI Facegen, you cannot use Photofit, it will not work for the GECK at all. You have to have a custom mesh and texture set, then in port the hex values.

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You can actually load the Oblivion/Fallout heads into FaceGen and use photofit with them. That process is in my instructions I made for editing TRI files in my Fix for Head06 Grin mod on the Nexus. Just download the "How to do this yourself.txt" file in the downloads. It details how to use the head nif/tri/egm/dds in FaceGen. Using the actual head mesh for the face you wanna use from an FG file definitely improves the results.

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