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Need help with a free form topless armor i'm putting together


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I'm experimenting with this body build": HDT CBBE Bodyslide fair skin texture.

I just installed the HDT system this weekend and haven't really had a chance to play with it.


So far my armor is built around a cupless Kitty Corset

and the shawl and boots from Scarlet Dawn armor sets.


What I would like are black pants/leather armor. or black panties and thigh high boots.


I don't think it is possible to get a red sash for the waist, but it would be cool.

Oh and black opera gloves would be great, but failing that some sort of longer gauntlets would be cool.


this is the first time I'm putting together a mishmash armor set, but it both fun and difficult to find the right pieces,


I have the HDT high heel system but I can't find heel boots...I don't like platforms


I was toying with the idea of shooting spells from my toon's boobs, but that requires a different skeleton and I'm not messing with HDT right now.


So do you know of any armor sets that are broken up into pieces with what I need?

any help will be appreciated.




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