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Body changes when i put on outfit?


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I created a cbbe body with bodyslide and i have killer keos skimpy armour. When i put on any armour it makes my girls but shrink down to fit the armour, when i take off the armour her body changes to how i have it in bodyslide. How do i fix this and im not familiar with bodyslide either.

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You need BodySlide files for Killer Keos to make it fit to your body shape. Then you'd open it up in BodySlide, select your body shape you made, then go to Batch Build and select all the Killer Keos armors and click build. Then it will form all the armors to your body shape.


I don't think Killer Keos armor replacer comes with BodySlide though, so you'd have to create it yourself in Outfit Studio, which will be a long tedious process.



Alternatively, you can download a BodySlide replacer instead of Killer Keos. Like Remodeled Armor for instance. It comes with the BodySlide files already. Seeing as you're not familiar with BodySlide fully yet, it's your best bet instead of trying to convert all of Killer Keos armors to BodySlide. Just use Remodeled Armor instead. Then follow the instructions above and you can fit them to your own body shape.


I Love Cleavage is another set that has its own BodySlide files as well, but it doesn't cover everything yet. But it is still a great replacer, one of my favs.

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