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I do apologize if this is in the wrong place. I understand that forums have their rules about what goes where...but I couldn't find anything for it. (Go ahead and correct me to right spot for future reference) 



I'm have a very curious situation, I would like to know exactly how to keep my character and companions from being stripped during sex/rape. 

Its funny as everyone asking for help on the matter whats to know how to get them to strip. 

The main sex mods im using is Defeat and Sexlab. There is also Dangerous nights, and all aroused creatures and their components.


There are plenty of options in each of these having to do with stripping...checked or unchecked my characters still get stripped........I mean whats the point in giving them all these sexy attire if they are taken off when it counts?



Any help on the subject would be nice and appreciated. Thanks in Advance.  

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I don't think there is a option to do that. Though you could do what I have done a few times and that is to make a new folder where your players body nifs are and throw them into it then make copies of the outfit_0 and outfit_1 nif or whatever you want your player to wear and place those copies into your players folder and rename them to femalebody_0 and femalebody_1.




You may or may not have to go into game and remove your players clothing and then save then go out of the game and replace the bodies as it may cause a CTD if you are wearing something.



Now with having it set up this way you can have sex and your clothes will never come off. Once you want to change back you can grab the body files from the folder you made and use them yo overwrite the outfit ones you put in there.

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