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I need help... for a crafting mod


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Item Quality

Using the Grindstone/Workbench allows the refinement of weapon/armor depending on the character's Smithing level. The levels of item qualities are Fine, Superior, Exquisite, Flawless, Epic, and Legendary. The Smithing level required to unlock these qualities depends upon whether the character has the Smithing perk of the item's material.


For instance, say you have a Smithing level of 45 (with Dwarven Smithing perk), and pieces of elven and Dwarven equipment you want to improve. With appropriate supplies, you would improve the Dwarven to Exquisite, but the elven only to Superior.


(source UESP)



I'd need to edit the "Skill Required" column in the graph on UESP Skyrim Smithing page...


Possible ???


Hard-coded ???


Thank you for reading...


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