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Hello everyone, 


First of all, sorry if my english is not that good.  :cool:

I hope you won't think I'm lazzy or anything but I must admit that modding Skyrim is something quite hard for me.


I havn't played Skyrim since a long time and now I have a new and great computer so I installed it back and started to add plenty of mods. I want to make it "perfect" so I followed many tuto, topics etc.. I'm now using MO instead of NMM.


By example I took the UNPK body and tried to get the boobs collision but it didn't work. I spend almost a full day on modding the game, figuring out what is working or not etc etc... but finally, angry, I uninstalled everything to start on a new base. I feel a bit lost and I would really enjoy to find some help.


I wish that someone who has a great mods list could help me. (Here is what I really wish: body pack/Physics/skyrim improvements/complete sexlab) Maybe I ask a lot but I try...


Thank you so much in advance.  :)


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If you want to use the UNPK body, I would start with just that, install hdt physics, and then the havok object mod. Once you get those working then you can move onto other stuff. If you install a whole bunch of mods at once it's going to be almost impossible to tell which mods are causing which problems. 

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Ok thank you very much!

I will also install interface mods and some graphics enhances first. Step by step as you say. But maybe I should take CBBE? I mean I really prefer UNPK but I saw that CBEE is compatible with every Sexlab mods.. Maybe there is a way to transform CBBE into something that almost looks like UNPK. 

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