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Could anyone upload for me the most updated FNIS please? I just recently tried to mod, but I can't make a Nexus account because their spam detector banned my IP or something? I'm assuming it's because of the shared connection, because I'd never even visited there before, but therefore I'm unable to get anything over 2MB from there. This file in an updated form literally exists NOWHERE else on the internet, so I'd really appreciate it.

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The FNIS Behavior can only be downloaded and used in the described way. Without my express permission you are NOT ALLOWED

  • to upload FNIS Behavior TO ANY OTHER SITE
  • to distribute FNIS Behavior as part of another mod
  • to distribute modified versions of FNIS Behavior



Helps to read the description before asking for this. Contact Fore here on LL if you want a copy of FNIS. Otherwise, you're SOL until you can find a way to download it from the Nexus.


As well, we have a thread for requests here (non-adult and adult)

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