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Glossy Face


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Sorry if this has been posted before but anyways.... I'm using the lightning face save and I can't get it nice and oily. I've been renaming femalebody_1_s to femalehead_s since I have the body right. Yet it won't work. As far as I know the Lightning save uses the nord race so I've been putting it into textures/actors/character/female. Is there anything else that might stop it from working? thanks

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Something this specific would probably fare better in the "Technical Support" category.


As far as applying gloss, I'm afraid I'm not really familiar with what you're doing, but I've always applied gloss by opening the mesh with NifSkope, and editing the gloss value. As far as I know, there needs to be a correspondence between a glossy mesh, and a texture with high brightness in its alpha channel. I recommend searching more detailed threads on this matter to answer your questions. Good luck!

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I looked into this a bit and to get it "oily" you need the right textures.

these oily texture are similar to the skin texture, so you can't use body for head and rewind.


I use the oily texture in optional from (for my Body) :

Oriental beauty Women and Man mod by Radioragae



there are very good oil texture (but head only, not so much oil ^^) at

envision Face by DD AKT



But beware there CAN be seam at the neck when you use 2 different oil textures.


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