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Random Crashes to Desktop Skyrim


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Hey, my skyrim is randomly crashing to desktop, indoors, outdoors.

i know i have a Warning, wich is the Dark Brotherhood mod, says something about Navmesh, could this be the problem?

i will post my loadorder, and all the mods, and if something sees anything that is 100% not supposed to be in there.


i have runned loot, and boss, get a few warnings in LOOT, some of that is already taken care off.


Well thanks anyways!


Iam pretty new to modding, and i must say that these sexlab mods are really well done and fun to have in the game aswell, makes me wanna try doing animations, haha :)


Nytt textdokument.txt

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You say you are new to modding so I will ask if you cleaned your master files? This did wonders for me and I think everyone should do it.


If you don't know how, it's very quick and easy and here is a noob friendly guide on how to do it.





And also, don't trust loot and boss 100% but use them to get a general idea of load order.

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