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Uninstalling Belly Collision


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Hi all i'm trying to get rid of belly collision from my body as its causing some warping issues and i would prefer to just not have it rather than to fix it and i've tried removing the belly bone from nifskope and re-exporting it but that didn't work, and i tried the 3ds max method but i can't even load Nifs into 3ds max so any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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I'm trying to do what TnTTnT said, remove the belly bone from HDT body. If I use jff to edit the hdtPhysicsExtensionsDefaultBBP.xml file, there is no belly option in the list. And yet, my character's stomach continues to point in all directions when animated. It's clearly got physics, but they're not showing up the xml... all I see is prebreast, prebutt, breast, butt, hands forearms and upperarms. I believe the cbbe HDT body is responsible, but short of losing all HDT physics (or CBBE) I'm not sure how to make the belly behave.


Any suggestions? Is there an alternative to CBBE's HDT body with no belly node?


I'm running HDT Physics Extensions-53996-14-28, which I think is the latest version, and Loremonger (with collision), but even if i turn that off, it continues happening.

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