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Skyrim Loader unchecks all plugins every time


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My Skyrimloader shows some nasty misbehavior. Starting it results in unchecking of every mod. I think this is related to the steam workshop. Tried a few mods. Downloaded them, made omods out of them and unsuscribed; don't trust steam and the autoupdates. Steam automatically unchecks unsiscribed plugins without erasing them.


Starting by steam or directly TESV.exe works fine. I just sometimes forget to start steam before using them which results in the start of steam followed by the launcher which is causing trouble then.


Anybody experience and a solution for this?

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Thx guys. I allways check the nexus first and only go steam if not found there. Then I subscribe, start the loader, make an omod for TESModManager and unsubscribe. I allways start via SKSE-Loader or a save game manager. But when I have steam not running and I start SKSE loader, steam is started and the standard loader comes up. Sometimes I just forget to start steam before I doubleklick SKSE-Loader. I found a fast way to recheck my esps now. The TESModManager has a button in his save manager utilitiy 'Sync Active Plugins'. I choose my last save, press that button and all esps/esms are checked again.

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