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Custom Race Customization Problem....(s)


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Hello, and thank you in advance for reading my post.


I have been trying to piece together an "All-in-one" Tutorial for the total customization of Custom Races to share with others.  This being so, I thought it might be a good idea to learn how to do it myself.


Along this lengthy road I've wondered about a few things and am hoping that some kind soul will see this post and offer to share their knowledge (I would be sure to list you in the credits of my Tutorial).  I have read so many forums my head is spinning, and feel like I'm going in circles from trying to find out where I'm going wrong.  Once I do, I will place this information into a compendium, a reference, and a comprehensive package to help others.


Below is a list of questions.  As they are answered (by my own research, or by someone being kind enough to help "Fill in the blanks", I will edit this post to include the answers - more questions may appear as well).


Q:  Is it wrong to target the textures within body, hand, head and / or feet Meshes to a Custom Race Texture Folder using NifSkope?



Q:  Is it wrong to make an Armour Add - on for a Custom NPCs head?



Q:  Should new Forms, Texture Sets, and "Objects" in general be made by duplication of existing Objects, or is it alright to create new "Objects" from "Scratch?"




Please contact me if you can help, either reply to this post, or PM me.


Thanks for your consideration and time.



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