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Please help, Setting up HDT body


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Hi, first sorry for my poor english, but I was wondering if anybody would be willing to give some advice and tips for what I'm doing wrong. I know that I'm probably asking a lot, I've looked around and I keep messing something up and/or doing something wrong. 

I'm trying to setup a 7B Bombshell body or any 7B body with a Breast, Belly, Butt physics. To work with like preg mods or like the Fill Her up mod on the site.


The problem I'm having is getting it to work right. I cant get Belly to work, Butt physics seem too, havent tested it extensively yet. I also do get Breasts to work slightly with HDT-PE and Havok Object. But like from the sexy idles animation mod, I get clipping with it and the breasts dont seem to move the same way. They move very little and than stop before bouncing back into place from the hands unlike the mod.


So any help, advice or guide to get it to work right would be greatly appreciated.



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I may be able to help.  I'm a UNPB user but have recently looked at sevenbase and installed it for a quick look in my game.  I got complete physics for breast, butt and belly with node scaling.


You will need:

HDT physics extension from the Nexus.

XP32 Maximum Skeleton, I'm using version 2.13

HDT Equip with Belly and Collision (I think the author name is Carlos) can be found here on LL, search for it.

7BB TBBP or 7bbomb preg file... I found this by searching google using the term sevenbase pregnant body.  It's actually here on LL somewhere but I don't know the exact place.

A skin texture, I like the Fair Skin one myself from the Nexus but any UNP/sevenbase texture will do.  Pick one you like.

The only SevenBase body file I got to work with all your requirements was SevenBase TBBP.  Oh, check the last file on the page to get rid of the annoying spinning idle animation.


Follow all the install instructions, the only noteworthy one is installing the XP32 skeleton after installing the SevenBase body.  This set-up worked for me and hopefully it will help you, sorry, I don't have time to gather all the links.  Hope this helps, report back how it works for you.



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