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Gibberish Subtitles?


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So I installed The MBP super pack that is here on LL and now I've got gibberish text everywhere. Now I could uninstall and all that, but this is really the easiest way to get all of the need race mods for most of the Lovers with PK stuff. :/ 


Is there something, a mod, or a SIMPLE edit that would change them back to normal? 

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First: you don't need MBP to play Lovers ( I never downloaded or installed MBP )


Have you installed a japanese MBP Version ? Thought the MBP Version here at LL is english  http://www.loverslab.com/topic/2590-mbp-allin1-omod-v21beta/


Original game dialogs you can easily change back to your game language with Tes4Edit. Load all MBP esp/esm with Tes4Edit, open the Dialog tree and check all colored entries, drag-drop the original Dialog entries from the Oblivion esm in the MBP esm/esp.

All other entries ( White ) you must translate. ( Google translater ? )

Better/easier find a english MBP Version.

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What you mean by everywhere? In game too? or just at description?


Personnaly i don't use the omod version (missing textures, problems and others).


Personnaly i use this from this link .


(this is not my link so if i have wrong, remove it).


No "gibberish text" in description and "in world" and no missing textures (chocolates other).

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I'm putting Oblivion on my new computer and just looked though most of the mods on here and there's just a few mods that require MBP, i still have nightmares over trying to install MBP and get it working correctly, no matter how good a mod is i will never put myself though that again.

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Installing MBP isn't too hard when you install it you need HGEC compatible body textures some of the races in it are not included like the triton race to get them to appear correctly you need to download the race from the nexus and install it some of the other races you can update from ones found on the nexus the diablo race needs the diablo 6 in one mod found on the nexus that will really make the race look better. There are also some NON - MBP versions out there of mods that don't require MBP.

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is there an easier way to fix this? I am not very mod savvy so I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing and I don't want to mess up my game or get rid of any of the mods I have as I like my current game setup. The only problem is some race descriptions and the subtitles are gibberish, everything else is fine and in English its just those few things that aren't. 

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