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So here's the thing. I use MO organizer to install mods but I actually downloaded some mods from Steam Workshop since I have a...

a legal COPY! Which is celebrating that I have one and not "in your face mofo" Not much, anyway

. And sometimes I got these strange things. For example, textures for apparel and weapons would go mysteriously missing and don't even get me started on CTDs (which drastically lessened since I have been trying to keep a bare maximum of 165 plugins). So I wanted to ask: What are the risks of not having MO load all your mods besides data corruption? And is there a way to get mods from Steam Workshop without having it install files directly data directory?

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Define dissapearing Textures.

When a Mod from the Steam Workshop has been Installed by Steam into Your Skyrim Data Folder, take the BSA and esp file for the new Mod and place them into a new Folder. Turn the contents of the new Folder into a Zipped Archive, and name the Archive after the Mod.

Install the newly named Archive into Skyrim\Mod Organiser\Downloads.

Unsubscribe from the Mod in the Steam Workshop, but visit the Mod once in a while to see if a new version is available.


If You have Textures turning Black/Pink/Purple after an hour or more of play, Skyrim may be close to using all of the 3.1 GB of Memory it can. ENBoost can help, removing High Resolution Textures can help, a Graphics Card Upgrade could help. My character would get Black Hands after a long play session, but Saving and Reloading always fixed the problem. I realised I could use Windows Task Manager to keep a Log. I had already removed some Graphics Mods, I had SSME, and I knew I was not close enough to the V-Ram limit of My Graphics Card. I learned that Bethesda did not allow Skyrim to be as capable as a Large Address Aware Oblivion :angry:

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So disappearing textures is a recent problem. I realized that my "previous version" of Skyrim did not have the texture issue. Back then I had a lot of the mods I have right now. Expect Bethesda Hi-Res Optimization and Autosave Manager which I find noteworthy. I removed the Autosave Manager a while back. And I haven't tested it extensively since. Should I remove BHRO, as well?
I also recall that Skyrim relies a lot on CPU. So here's my current CPU. Along with my other current specs.



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