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Fallout Mod Idea


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I have something in mind for some time now, I want to create a mod that has three different things I was seeing that there are many people who do not have what they want. then this is the mod that I want to create

I want to add a perk to have these things.

1. [Lesbian Sex] you want to make a scissors with me or other things?
this option the player will clik and they will have several more options (scissors sex, lick pussy and other lesbian Animation of SexoutNG

2. [Futa Sex] you want to be penetrated in your pussy or elsewhere?
this option the name says it here will be all Futa Animations of SexoutNG
(i know SexoutNG not have futa sex they use male animation so be with me)

3. [Gay Sex] You want to have sex without risk of pregnancy.
here all the gay animations. i want to create animation or fix existing animations to make it look more gay.

Ok the last option is not the taste of everyone but this is a game not the real life so keep going and be with me.

The Perk will give you this tree option but not for all if you have Female PC you only will have the first two Option but if you have Male PC you will have only the third Option and only will work we other male NPC the same for Female PC the two first Options will work only we female NPC. To here i am ok but i have big problem i do not know how to script or make animations ok i know a little of animation but script i know how to create HTML page and other stuff like web browser i think is the same for script. so i need a great Script tutorial and Animation Tutorial.
and tell me if you think this a great idea and what i need to do to make right. be nice we me LOL

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