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Make it last longer

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Yes, there is a way. It's a spell called "Set Sexual Exploits" or something similar. Look around that and you'll be able to change or toggle various lovers features.


This isn't a technical issue. If you have a similar question please post in the lovers with pk general discussions thread in order to keep this forum free of redundancy and to keep loverslab as organized and neat as possible.

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You can use the Sexual Exploits (Lovers Settings) lesser power and choose Sex Progression to change the length of time between stage changes. As well, you can disable automatic progression - so each scene will play out for as long as you like (until you hit the jump key, which changes to the next stage).


Alternatively, you can check out Lovers with PK Extender. You'll need to manually progress through the sex stages with this, but once you build up your "sex power" you can get some seriously long sessions going.

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