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CK - Player Houses? Towns? How-To??

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:idea: There are a growing number of new player houses, village-mods, and even a new town or two.


HOW exactly are people making these with the CK? Are there tutorials for this? Is it the same as/similar to making a new "dungeon" instance like the one featured in the Creation Kit Wiki tutorials? :huh:


(ie: "If I just follow the Wiki tutorials and/or the accompanying videos, will it show me how to do this too?")

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You know' date=' the easiest thing would be to just try it out. And yes, it works more or less the same way.




Oh I agree! I always like to do a quick ask-around prior to starting though, to see if anyone is able to offer a useful tip or two (especially when it comes to an activity like this where my knowledge is currently minimal). I'm glad to hear it's much the same method - thanks for your response! :)

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