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Tints resetting


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So i just got a weird bug with ECE (or maybe another addon adding tints textures but i dont think i have any), whenever i open the racemenu my character got some tints changed, to be more accurate its like i have lost half of the tints slider (body and face) and those who were above the cuted line are just put at the higher tints.


I have tried to turn off every mod related and i even downloaded alternative version of mods i already had but nothing worked and i really have no idea what happenned... The weirdest thing is when i launch older save my tints and skin tone are still set at the right setting but when i open the race menu they are changed, its like only the sliders are bugging.

Edit: When switching to Ynord all the sliders are available, its the only race working (i have only vanilla race installed).

Edit: It seem that only the vanilla tints are available.

If anyone ever experienced this or have any idea about what happenned i will be very interested to hear more.

Sorry about my english.


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