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Replacing custom NPC / Follower. Help!


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Hello all! 


I've been trying to replace  / edit a custom NPC / Follower (Arissa the Wandering Rogue) with Murura looks (YuiH standalone companion). I'm not an expert with the Creation Kit, been messing around with it for a little more than a month now, and I would like some advice how to to go around with replacing / changing Arissa appearance.


So far what I have done is that I used an ECE preset of Murura and followed ECE's "How to replace NPC appearance" (which is on the page of ECE's Nexus) to add that preset to Arissa. However when loaded into the game the head skin color is off and the hair won't load the hair I selected. I am using a custom hair. KS Hairdos to be specific.


So I am wondering how do I fix the skin discoloring and fix the Hair not loading? Or is there a better way to do this, to change her appearance with another Custom companion? 


Side notes:

I set Arissa .esp as the active esp.

I tried using alternate actors to take control of Arrisa, however It just freezes when I try to use it on her.

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After you modify her appearance in the CK per the ECE instructions on using a CME save, you have to click on her entry in the objects window "Arissa", then use the hotkey ctrl-F4 to save her tintmask info.  That fixes the dark skin bug.


HOWEVER, unless you import a custom hair or eyebrow, or eyes, or anything else into the CK for use with her, you can't just use other assets from a separately loaded esp or you'll still get the dark face bug.  A great example would be using eyebrows from a separate esp.  They'll load in the CK, and it'll look like they're working, but you'll get the dark face bug in game.  Assets have to be specifically and individually imported into the CK for use with custom NPC's.  


If you are not sure what I'm talking about, load up a custom NPC, like arissa, and look at the custom assets used on her, and you'll see how it's done.   Look under Texture Sets and HeadPart.   You'll find custom imports in those areas for Arissa, and gain an understanding of what they are, how they relate to each other, and how they relate to Arissa.


Edit:  I'm not infront of the CK atm, but i've customized her, sofia, ceri...all the big followers.  If arissa doesn't have any custom imports, most of the others do, just load up another custom follower in the ck and look in the areas I mentioned, it'll come together for you what needs to be done.

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