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Performance tweaks on FONV. Is there any good ones?


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Well the title might be off a bit but let me get this straight. I've been searching for a decent INI tweak file for Fallout New Vegas for subtle - decent performance with my Rig, even though i run at Vanilla settings at the moment in terms of lighting & Visual mods i suffer a degrading Framerate in-game & wanting to improve it by THIS MUCH.


Skyrim has many INI tweaks on boosting performance and I've done my fair share of tweaking the the game meself though FONV is different. Can anyone have a good documentation of FONV & it's INI variables?


My Rig  Overclocking isn't good for this setup, don't ask why!


Mobo - MSI B85M-P33

CPU - Intel I-5 4440 @ 4.1Ghz Turbo boost @ 4.4Ghz

GPU - Powercolor Radeon 7750 HD @ 2GB 128-bit DDR3 Some call this abomination, i call it the cheapest GPU i can afford right now that can withstand Very High-Ultra settings on some games.

RAM - Kingston HyperX blu 16GB : 8GBx2 1,600Mhz

HD - Toshiba 1TB

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Go here: http://www.tweakguides.com/Fallout3_1.html


This has all the tweaks you can make that affect performance, so be sure to try it out! :)

ok thanks, i'll give it a shot though may i ask, how can i edit the camera controls so they'll look like the camera control in Skyrim, seeing my Character's back 100 % of the time is quite frustrating, even though i jumped from modding Skyrim to Fallout the new environment of the Modding & tweaking is quite different.

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