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Dwemer Traps and Machines Mod: Looking for assistance


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I'm not sure why, but I've always wondered why the Dwemer creature npcs see a distinct lack of usage in mods such as More Nasty Critters and in terms of creature sex animations in general. To be honest, they make for a pretty great expansion to these kinds of mods.


So I decided to make up a few model edits in order to... add spice... to entering Dwemer ruins and  encountering these robots.


Right now I'm only focusing on getting the Dwemer Pouncer, Spider Collector, and Sphere Collector in-game, but adding more traps to Dwemer ruins that restrain the player and 'experiment' on them to collect 'samples' is definitely what I eventually aim to do.








I'm looking for advice on how to make up sex animations for these guys as their main means of 'attack', but I have zero experience with animating. I'm going to upload the .nifs so people can take a look at them and possibly work on them.


And this is what I think the steps I need to take are:


Step 1. Slap a wing-wong on the Dwemer Sphere.
Step 2. Animate that Wing-wong to do what wing-wongs do best.
Step 3. Put it in-game.
Step 4. After initial testing, slap wing-wong on Spider and Centurions.


And this is the general gist of my full mod:


'Enhancing a few choice elements and enemies of Dragonborn - Chiefly Dwemer machines and traps across Skyrim as well as the Lurkers and denizens of Apocrypha.... yes, it's exactly what it says on the tin.
Dwemer Sphere.
- Standing Piston Driver. Self-Explanatory.
- Sphere Sit. Yep. Most likely would be used by Centurions that continuously roll around in sphere mode.
Dwemer Spider.
- Pounce and Pound. Self-Explanatory.
- Platforming. Again, explanatory.
Dwemer Centurion.
- Piledriver.... yep. This one hurts.
Dwemer Wall trip. - immobilizes victim and proceeds to collect sample.
Dwemer Floor trap - immobilizes victim and proceeds to collect sample.
Dwemer ceiling trap - suspends victim and collects sample with sample device.
Dwemer Collector - As the surviving automatons of a technologically minded people, there are certain Dwemer robots whose purpose is to collect samples of the beings they encounter. These robots are specialized Spheres and spiders. They shoot potential samples with a dart that increases arousal to immense proportions, and then proceed to...collect the ensuing sample.

Dwemer Traps and Machines.rar

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