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Devious Devices Lingering Effect with no ITems

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I'm getting a strange bug after finishing all the Captured Dreams expansion quests. Every single plug is acting like one of the devil plugs, even the ones that can't vibrate. I checked my character's hidden active effects, and found 4 effects that were active even while not wearing a plug or piercing. Having a plug would sometimes double up these effects.


  • Electrostim
  • Periodically vibrating
  • Magically sensitive plugs
  • Sometimes edges the player


All of them were linked to spell ID 1102c0bd (11 is Devious Devices - Integration) with different mgef ID. I can't seem to get rid them by using "removeperk" or "removespell". Resurrect worked but it also messed up cloaks from other mods. Is there anyway I could fix this without having to use resurrect?

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I had the same problem with devious cursed loot.

Try this go into 3rd person, click your character.

Under equipments it should list a no name equip, maybe more that one.

Highlight equips with the cursor, press shift, highlight the empty name press shift and see if the name has a plug name.

If it does do a player.removeitem (item number) 1

repeat as nessessary.

Hope that helps



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