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FNV Weird Case SexoutNG

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Like the title say is weird what is happening. OK first a load my save any save this happen to all save . i start the sex act and my PC and NPC they remain standing.


Like this:




This only happen ones but always after i load my save and i do the first sex act


like this:


1 Load game save


2 Play the game then i want to have sex


3 Start sex act (this sex act is the first sex act after load my save)


4 No sex act they are standing LOL always happens in the first sex act after load my save. after this crazy standing sex act i can have

normal sex LOL.


EDIT: Working Now sorry for posting this

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work with the esm



all DLC



other sexout esm files


something like that and try be like 5 or 7 feet away from the npc if you stay to close to a npc it will happen again. work with esm the falloutNV,DLC, Sexout, SCommonResources. keep it that way and work with the others esm then try fine the current order tip the sexouts esm always need to be together.

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