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Estrus Chaurus tentacle animations won't trigger


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The register animations on the Estrus Chaurus MCM menu doesn't seem to work, I'd tried to click register animations option but nothing would happen other then a MCM notification after exiting the menu. the two tick boxes under the register animations remain greyed out, Is there something I'm missing to get the animation to work.


This is also causing an issue for the Estrus traps in DD Enchanted Chests where the actual Estrus animations don't happen when the trap triggers, this causes every enemy to be non-hostile and any follower caught by the trap may not move regardless of any dialogue options. This "calmed" effect on the game has no cooldown and possibly breaks the game seeing as no enemy will be hostile with you, it will also affect save files


The pregnancy part works due to the Chaurus being able to physically rape my character and the spit just makes me lose control of my character until the Chaurus is close enough to trigger the physical rape animation.

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