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Problems Problems and Problems (I asked it before but still confused)

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I had downloaded and play Fallout NV in my old laptop but currently formatted it and now I have error when I try to use Sexout on my new laptop

1. Penis used to stretch to infinity but fixed it but now textures of penis gets imprinted on the thighs.
2. Leaving sex and Anal, Rest animations are misplaced.

I think it maybe cause of what I download when so I kinda need help on it and need Roberts. If you have sexout Roberts, Please host it cause I wanna download that. I dont like using Breezes.
BnB BodyExtender Compatibility Skeleton
BNB Armor
BNB Body
BOG Body Replacer Formod
Amra Roberts Patch
Amra 72 Animations Alternatives 0.5
Amra 72 Animations pack 0.41
Gyno Chair
Halstroms Data
Patch Amra72 outfirmerect Roberts
SexoutCommon Resources
Sexout Common Resources Data
Sexout NG Core
Sexout NG Data 
Smaller Talk
Spore Data

If you think its any other fault, please reply it to me. Thanks

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SexoutNG no longer supports Roberts as far as I'm aware.

Seeing the penis on your thigh sounds like a classic texture problem from one body type texture being used on another type.

Probably due to sexout forcing you into a breeze body whenever a non amra animation plays. (because you have the amra roberts patch)

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