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Big noob with mods


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Hello guys,


i just started Skyrim today, and yes shame on me i know i know ;)


The problem is I'd like play with a great avatar, like a korean one.

I found one.


I downloaded the 7zip, extraced on my steamApps/comon/Skyrim/Data

I had a .bsa a .bsl and a .esp files.

When i get the launcher, i checked the file in the pop-up, then i started the game.

But... i don't have this beautifull character instead the one i made with Skyrim in game.


Maybe i missed a part in this forum, but as i said, i'm a noob in both skyrim and mods. Someone could help me please ?


Thanks a lot :)

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Best Advice I can give you is watch Gophers fantastic series of video's on how to begin modding. By the end of of the series you should have a firm grasp of the basics. If you have questions after that it will be easier to help, since you will be able to explain better exactly what the problem is and understand any questions or recommendations we would make. You can find the series here, I recommend watching the whole series and installing stuff step by step as you do.



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