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Witcher models


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Thanks Fast,  Im a fan of your work btw.  I have all the witcher content available. The problem I have is chopping the nif and making it into 2 with a top and bottom armor nif and then getting it into game.  Like what Kaliliies did with the travel attire mod except for males.  


There is a shortage of male armors that look as good as the witcher models.  I would like to turn them into top and bottom armor or cuirass and greaves for more variety. 


any help would be appreciated 


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Many thanks! ^_^


Well, if the Witcher models you want are already weighted to the Vanilla skeleton (as I think the resource linked above is), then you should have no trouble chopping them up in 3dsMax! Start with Nightasy's tutorials channel on YouTube - these are EXCELLENT, and will give you a really good crash-course in the basics. Since you're modding male armours, you won't need to remove the skin or re-weight to any other body mesh or skeleton - just use the polygon & element selection tools, and the "Detach" tool under "Geometry". With a little trial and error, this will give you a whole lot of properly skinned & weighted pieces that you can then rearrange them however you like to create new mash-ups - I do this & it works a treat! :)

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